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Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector

Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector
Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector
Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector

Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector    Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector
Supplied with 12 months guarantee, New GENUINE OSRAM lamps (not copies or built to spec) Full optics cleaned properly not just the main optic block... The entire optic tract from lamps to lens All cooling fans cleaned "properly" prolonging your lamp and service life. There are huge differences in brightness, lamp and image quality from one projector to the next depending upon its internal condition. We provide service photo's of each projector we service upon request showing the full strip down and rebuild of your projector.

We also guarantee the projector for 12 months following a "proper" service. Throw Ratio 1.80:1-2.80:1. Throw Ratio 2.80:1-5.00:1.

Throw Ratio 4.80:1-8.00:1. Throw Ratio 1.50:1-1.80:1. Throw Ratio 1.20:1-1.50:1. Throw Ratio 0.80:1. Throw Ratio 1.20:1-1.80:1. Lens ShiftHorizontal +/-41.60% & Vertical +/-67.70%Digital ZoomYesDigital KeystoneHorizontal & VerticalProjector Size24 cm x 40 cm x 52 cm (HxWxD)Weight19.8 kgInternal SpeakersNoPower846 Watts 100V - 240VConnection Panel. Additional FeaturesTwin color wheel system. 35,000 hour-use'Active Maintenance Filter'. 1.3b Cleaned and serviced to a far greater standard than most, if not ALL other projector specialist service centres (including Sanyo's own full service standards). Authentic lamps fitted in as new or new condition. If you ever have an issue with a projector that has been serviced by STBP you are covered for any event. A back up projector can be supplied very quickly and you will have access to free and direct out of hours support. This is not an end of life, ex hire machine with a routine air dust. Lamp timers reset to hide true lamp life or the cheapest copy (less heat resistant) lamps fitted! This has had a full chassis service. We know what to look out for.... We know what wears out....

Because we have seen what happens over time with the same and similar projectors. You won't find better condition optics as these anywhere else... If you don't wash your house windows (properly) for 10 years.... Just dust them with a blast of air... You may not realise how much atmospheric dust particles mixed with moisture in the air create a dirty film over your windows.

This actually restricts the amount of light entering the room.... When you do some spring cleaning and finally wash your glass from both sides.... Inside a projector::There can be as many as 50 glass surfaces that light has to pass through before it reaches the screen... Don't be fooled by the terms, "low hours used" or "fully serviced" even if it's by the manufacturers own service personnel! If it's not serviced here then the chances are it's not been properly cleaned in its life. Sanyo's own service engineers do not spend the time required to clean these properly as part of their standard service. A quick blast over with an air gun, maybe remove some of the main optic blocks to clean loose large dust particles which would otherwise highlight dirt on an all white projected image. Only if they are obviously caked in dust or fog machine, stage smoke residue. All other optics inside the entire optic tract from the lamps to the main optical prisms deep inside the projector are simply left dirty and their alloy holders corroding away underneath. We have fully stripped down hundreds of Sanyo Xf series projectors and to date have not found a single one of them to have been cleaned and serviced to any great extent... We can show you the photo's of these if you like! 12000 lumens can mean 6000 lumens if it has not been properly serviced or have original genuine new lamps fitted! The term "fully serviced or deep clean" is used by all yet done by hardly anyone! To date we have not found one of these XF series projectors with its optic track previously opened from new!

We can show you images of what we typically find inside the optics of "fully serviced", "deep cleaned" projectors... It won't take you long to realise where you need to come in future for your projectors and servicing! No good having a sterile laboratory condition workshop with dust free air if you are not opening the entire optic track... Or cleaning heated on dust by hand instead of a quick blast over with an air gun. Many production companies, church ministers, advertisers, pop up cinema, event crews, projectionists...

Just like you are willing to testify how pleased they are with the service they receive here. More of the same and similar projectors are available to list upon request.

Please make contact before submitting an offer. A discounted price could be negotiated depending upon which lens and accessories you require. Tel(See the bigger picture ltd for free big screen advice). This item is in the category "Sound & Vision\DVD, Blu-ray & Home Cinema\Home Cinema Projectors".

The seller is "seethebiggerpictureltd" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped to all countries in Europe, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Bolivia, Barbados, Brunei Darussalam, Cayman Islands, Egypt, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Jordan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Macau, Maldives, Martinique, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Reunion, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Bahamas, Kuwait, Philippines, Qatar, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Colombia, Jamaica, Panama.

  1. Brand: Panasonic
  2. Image Brightness: 6500 ANSI Lumens
  3. Type: Desktop
  4. Display Technology: LCD
  5. Contrast Ratio: 7500:1
  6. Model: Sanyo DHT100L
  7. Connectivity: HDMI Standard, VGA/SVGA D-Sub
  8. Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  9. MPN: xf1000
  10. Features: Ceiling Projection, HD Ready, Interchangeable Lens, Mains Powered, Portable, Rear Projection, Universal Remote Control
  11. Aspect Ratio: 4:3 and 16:9

Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector    Sanyo dht100 large backdrop church projector